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UX Website design from Higher GroundUX Website design from Higher Ground

We design websites for superb user experiences and high conversion rates

​​At the heart of a great website is great user experience - whether that’s on desktop, mobile or tablet. Book a call with our team and discover how we can help.

We create stylish, high impact websites

Websites designed for higher conversion rates

Harnessing User Experience (UX) methodology

Web design for mobile & desktop

We develop websites using React JS, Wordpress & Webflow

Landing pages for new marketing campaigns

Let a UX team plan, design and build your next website

We’re all on the go, all the time, so your website needs to be as easy to use as possible - on all your user’s devices.

Higher Ground have tonnes of experience in designing, launching and marketing websites of all shapes and sizes for companies large and small. Let us make your new website project work for your audience.

Engage your audience on any device with our expert website design services. Book a chat with Higher Ground.

User experience design for web

Web design that focuses on positive user experience is going to have the most success. If you deliver a great customer journey to everyone who visits your website, then a larger percentage of those visitors will take some form of action.

We've lead the design and delivery on some amazing website projects over the years. From conversion rate optimisation focussed landing pages for Fin-tech's, to brochure-ware for huge manufacturing products, to make up manufacturers. Doesn't matter what sector it is. It's results are what drives us.

    Conversion rate optimisation services

    We can design your next website for high conversion rates, or enhance your existing website.

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    UX website development

    We use Wordpress and Webflow to turn your ideas into solidly built and highly successful responsive website platforms. Our team of developers are highly skilled in solving PHP, CSS, HTML & Javascript riddles.  

    We also build fully-custom Ecommerce solutions using WooCommerce and Webflow, calling on our expert Conversion Rate Optimisation services to design and build highly converting fast and clean websites that are market ready.

    Our UX services

    Website design to increase Conversion Rates

    Engage visitors and convert more leads with our proven CRO methods. Contact us for a chat if you are planning or currently have an online marketing campaign - our team have been optimising conversion rates for over 15 years - we are as experienced as it gets.

    • We start with a CRO audit, using research to build a detailed picture of your target audience’s behaviour, then we optimise pages according to your customers’ needs.
    • We tailor and personalise every page in line with where each visitor is on the buyer’s journey, developing their trust and optimising pathways to targeted conversion.

    Landing page creation & A/B testing

    One of the best ways to test a new design or marketing strategy is to use landing pages. Customising user journeys is arguably one of the most important elements in target marketing.

    A custom landing page free’s businesses from the constraints of a tightly locked down home page or strict SEO content guideline. Using A/B testing you can take this concept even further by experimenting with layouts, positioning, button names and conversion points. Let us show you how.

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    We can design your next website for high conversion rates, or enhance your existing website.

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