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How can Higher Ground help increase your Conversion Rates?

Converting your target users into sales or leads

Maximise returns from your marketing spend

Offering 20+ years experience in CRO services

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is about ensuring website visitors have value to your business and then converting those visitors into a sale or lead.

In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, conversion rate optimisation services provide the most important key performance indicator (KPI) for business growth.

Manchester-based CRO agency Higher Ground will review and optimise conversion rates to help you drive more business from your website traffic.

We have provided CRO services to over 50 companies globally, analysing data and providing new user experiences designed to convert more users into goals.

“Higher Ground helped us increase our leads tenfold. Great team to work with, really helpful, transparent and approachable. Highly recommended."

Emma Rush

CEO - Think & DO

"Higher Ground worked swiftly, and with tight execution to deliver an outstanding site within 3 months. Our conversion rates are up ~400%... most effective marketing spends you can make."


Head of Marketing - Fettle

"A real focus on driving more profitability from website design... I have worked with Higher Ground for many years on UX/UI projects. The results for clients are more leads and sales from their website.

Micheal Plummer

Former Head of Marketing - JCB

"Higher Ground have been working with us for over two years. They lead the way in helping us create a powerful freight booking application plus a whole bunch of digital platforms and websites we are using commercially. "

Robert Lynch

Couriers & Freight

CRO begins with strategy

Target audience & business strategy workshops

Use our target audience and business strategy workshops to  gained knowledge and understand what your customer really wants to achieve. We will discover how to capture their attention, gain their confidence and influence their decision making.

  • What do your customers want to do?
  • What’s important to them?
  • Why do they need what you’re offering?
  • How do you reach them?

Target audience workshops are one of the most important steps in the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) process.

Book a workshop with Higher Ground and find out why!

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Learn what is truly happening with your website visitors with CRO data analysis

By analysing data from a whole range of sources we can report on effectiveness and use a scientific approach to help us make decisions to improve CRO.

We utilize quantitative and qualitative data, numerous tools, data feeds and custom designed audits to show customers how and where they can make user experience improvements, how they can improve their business processes and convert more customers from their marketing traffic. All of which helps with better interaction and more business growth.

Let us analyse your data
CRO audits and analysis

What's included with our CRO services each month?

All Conversion Rate Optimisation services work is complex, but there a key steps we deliver each month to ensure we learn enough to deliver high value and results to improve your website.

Starter CRO package

Ultimate package

Discovery workshop to understand business strategy

User persona review or creation

Marketing data analysis

Documenting user journeys

Wireframes to highlight conversion points

Wireframes to design a more intuitive user experience

Monthly reporting of results and activity

Ad heatmap software to gather further metrics

Content rewriting

Search Engine Optimisation*

Graphic & UI design

Pay Per Click investigation & management*

Website development*

*Items marked depend on the project scope and the needs of the customer. We can of course deliver a customised approach. Get in touch to find out how.

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Looking to increase your conversion rates?

With our Conversion Rate Optimisation services you will maximise investment from your marketing.

At Higher Ground CRO Agency we help businesses by removing the obstacles that inhibit customers from converting, connecting customers with your site; positively influencing their actions and behaviour by providing clear reasons for them to stay, interact, enjoy and return.

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Increase your conversion rates
Wireframing for CRO

Wireframing and journey mapping for CRO

Wireframes are essential to UX design and CRO, they are lean, low-fi, cost-effective versions of pages, apps and websites that provide opportunities to:

  • Present information that will be displayed on a page
  • Create an outline of the structure and layout of a page
  • Convey the overall direction & description of an app or site

Journey mapping & wireframes enables us to design digital experiences that will delight the customer and deliver tangible results for your business. Benefiting your business product or service because you can quickly act on essential feedback from clients and users and effectively make changes at an early stage and at low cost.

Our UX services

We are experts at designing Ecommerce sales funnels for Shopify, WooCommerce and more

Your e-commmerce shop may be attracting visitors, but your conversion rates may not be reaching their full potential. If you have an ecommerce site our CRO services are perfect for helping you increase product sales, customer loyalty and overall customer value.

Analysing and optimising sales funnels helps us better understand your customer experience, spotting where your visitors engage most and where they turn away.

We analyse each stage of your sales funnel, optimising the entire journey for better conversion.

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Ecommerce for CRO

Conversion Rate audits and technical SEO

Users hate slow loading websites. Slow loading pages are one of the main contributing factors for low conversion rates.

Our team of CRO specialists take all the necessary steps to ensure our client websites load fast,  display content correctly and score highly on any Google Core Vitals inspection. This expert CRO service not only ensures websites load fast for users, but passes all the Page Experience algorithm tests - maximising on any SEO or PPC strategy you may have in place.

Experimentation & testing

Testing & experimentation helps you trial new ideas, learn from people using your digital product and build new campaigns that don't ‘interfere’ with other aspects of your digital platform or website. Higher Ground uses numerous methods to test ideas, learn from users and make improvements.

  • Helps you learn from people using your platform
  • Identify issues you may have missed
  • Saves costly redesigns by testing new pages and theories
  • Helps you market to new audiences to promote your product or services
Our testing methods

Book time with out CRO consultants

At Higher Ground we recognise that all companies are different. Some people already have internal teams  responsible for their websites success. They could be marketeers, business owners or digital managers, the list goes on.

All our CRO work involves a strong connection between us and our customers. We offer bespoke CRO consulting services to help your internal teams maximise their website strategy. We can hold CRO workshops here at HG HQ or even at your office should you wish. Solving those tricky customer acquisition problems should be done together.

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Companies we have helped

Conversion Rate Optimisation FAQs

Your website may be attracting visitors, but your conversion rates may not be reaching their full potential. During our audit, we take a look into all factors which could potentially cause problems with conversion success, offering winning methodologies for lead generating strategies:

What is conversion rate optimisation?

The term Conversion Rate Optimisation basically means the approach used to increase the percentage of visitors to your website, landing page or online marketing campaign that convert into an action or customers.

Learn more about "What is Conversion Rate Optimisation"

How are conversions recorded?

Website conversions are traditionally a Google Adwords measure that records the percentage of people successfully taking any action you may design for them. For example, people calling your office telephone, filling in contact forms, downloading a brochure, signing up for newsletters, taking part in a survey and anything else that helps you get feedback or sales from the people using your website.

How do Higher Ground optimise conversion rates?

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, we will optimise your strategy to increase conversion rates. This helps you maximise return on investment, increase sales or whatever KPI you use to measure success.

Here at Higher Ground, our CRO team run short, high-value workshops, so you get the most from our expertise with little outlay. For example learn why should you run design sprints.

If you need more people calling your office telephone, filling in contact forms, downloading a brochure, signing up for newsletters, buying products - our Conversion Rate Optimisation team will show you how.

What are the main benefits with Conversion Rate Optimisation?

No matter what your business, it is essential that you understand who your customers are and what they need so you can effectively market to them. The information that Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) provides aids you in creating buyer personas.  Having great insight into who your customers are and optimising your website or landing page accordingly can help in generating more and better customers, allowing you to focus your spend in the right places.

What results can you achieve from Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Simply put, conversion rate optimisation can improve and maximise the impact of your digital marketing efforts and provide you with an incremental pathway to business success.

With CRO you can improve both the quality and quantity of your conversions, relative to your specific website goals; such as e-commerce sales, quote requests, contact form submissions,  telephone calls or sign ups for PDF downloads.

Conversions should be one of the most important facets of your website, because no matter how impressive your website looks, if your goals aren’t being completed by visitors, it’s not successful from a business perspective.CRO creates a cumulative positive effect for your business.

The impact of these marginal gains can result in significant improvements once they’re combined and game-changing results for your business.Interested to learn more about PPC and Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO services for news business to help you gain a competitive edge

Conversion Rate Optimisation Services from Higher Ground will pinpoint any start-up problems you may be facing online. Our Manchester-based CRO experts will highlight the dissonance between great products and the obstacles and barriers that customers may face in satisfying their needs. If a site is hard to use, then customers are more likely to leave without converting. It’s a competitive market online, and your site needs to provide the best customer experience to stand out and gain an edge over the competition.

  • Does your website draw attention to the most important products or services?
  • Are your images and banners visually impactful to captivate your audience?
  • Is the content written in a style that speaks to and appeals to your audience?
  • Are there valid reasons why visitors should trust you over another competitor?

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