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Strategic optimisation using design & marketing

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Increasing the impact of your website or application

We’re driven by the details, guided by the numbers, and obsessed with user experience. Insatiably curious, each member of our team brings their individual expertise, industry knowledge, and creativity to ensure we leave no stone unturned in the quest to solve your website’s pain points and create a smooth path to conversion.

Whether you’re looking for a complete website rebuild, to optimise your marketing spend, understand your customers’ behaviour, or improve your conversion funnel, we’ll provide a bespoke solution tailored to your goals.

Client feedback

Don't take our word for it...

User journey enhancing

Had a fantastic experience working with Rob. He helped us create the website strategy for CRO and generally increased our traffic and conversion rate.

- Jonas Munch Johansen, Nuori

Improving digital strategy

They provides a new way of website planning and strategy, but delivered it in a lean fashion. Rob was an excellent communicator and was able to explain to the traditional (non-digital) parts of the business why certain changes and design features were required to maximise the efficiency of the digital assets we were delivering. I would recommend Higher Ground Agency to anyone needing a better way to approach website strategy.

- Darren Kerry, Seven West Media

Proved invaluable in optimising our SEO and Adwords

We've been working with Higher Ground for over 12 months. Their primary focus is to enhance the website to sell more tickets, but they have also proved invaluable in optimising our SEO and Adwords so our customers can find us ahead of our competitors. I fully recommend using them for your online marketing operation.

- Les Gryzl, Immotion VR

Friendly, dedicated, effective.

Friendly, dedicated, effective. Higher Ground have been great to work with - they have made a massive improvement to our digital strategy and website lead generation performance. Thank you!

- Aniko, Koko Vocals

Highly recommended.

Higher Ground are working with us to update our online presence and marketing strategy and it's become very apparent that the depth of knowledge on offer goes well beyond the technical aspects of web design and into user experience and marketing strategy. Highly recommended.

- James Hockey, Trace Basement Systems

Driving more profitability from website design

A real focus on driving more profitability from website design. I have worked with Rob for many years on UX/UI projects. Initially at JCB and more recently on projects for various B2B clients. Rob is passionate about website design and stays current with the latest trends. The results for clients are more leads and sales from their website.

- Michael Plummer, JCB Global

UX designer was our number 1 priority

We approached Higher Ground in need of a new website and web app for our client. We wanted both to be engaging as well as useful, so investing in an experienced UX designer was our number 1 priority.  Our client was unsure of the exact specification they needed and so Higher Ground delivered workshops to establish the best route of action. The team at Higher Ground supported us through this process at all times allowing us to fine-tune the specification needed and deliver the final design

- Paul Kutschmarski, Web Presence

5x and 7x ROAS from Shopify

Excellent, responsive and knowledgeable. They took our campaigns from a dire situation to 5x and 7x ROAS for our high volume Shopify website.

- Anna Wilson, Super Soil

We loved every minute!

Rob worked with us on a significant digital redesign and we loved every minute!

Rob was collaborative and thoughtful during the design process, and brought a range of skills to a complex Enterprise project across UX, interaction design and design strategy, and with challenging stakeholders he was pretty adept at keeping things moving and on-track! He helped establish the design system and pattern library, and roll it out across the project.

- Oliver Tipping, Lotto NZ

Sales driving websites & marketing

Specialising in first click to completed sale

Based in Manchester's iconic Express Building, our CRO agency team will examine how users move from click to conversion and help find small improvements to smooth out your customer journey, creating clear paths for positive results.

Successful CRO and UX optimisation for leading companies

Great projects aren't just about using the best tools in the box (such as UX, CRO & amazing development). It's about great working relationships, and of course results! Here are some of our latest clients.