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We'll make the sales machine your Shopify store deserves

Bespoke Shopify Development experts

We've tailored our Conversion Rate Optimisation around ecommerce and Shopify. The results have been brilliant.

Everyone hits their glass ceiling of sales. Ask yourself this - What difference would a 1000% conversion rate increase make to your web shop?

Shopify provides a great platform, but the real magic happens with the right skills to make sales increase.

That’s the kind of transformation we bring our clients. Our seasoned team of conversion rate optimisation specialists and bespoke Shopify developers will build you the powerful sales machine your online store deserves.

Shopify CRO services

How bespoke Shopify CRO helps you make powerful sales machines

There's no point in having a pretty Shopify website if no-one is buying your products. Higher Ground transforms your e-commerce platform into online sales reality with expert coding, UX and CRO.

Bespoke Shopify CRO development

Did you know a slow website can scare away customers? We get it! That's why we build ultra-fast Shopify stores that keep your visitors engaged and ready to buy. No matter what device they use, our expertly coded stores deliver a smooth shopping experience.

‍Our Conversion Rate Optimiation (CRO) agency expertise helps you turn those happy shoppers into paying customers. We'll analyse your store and identify opportunities to make the buying process even easier

What we do with Shopify

  • We'll develop new templates designed for higher sales of your products

  • Focuses on the positive impact of speed on the customer experience.

Enhancing Shopify

Is your online store gathering dust? If sales are slumping, it might be time to diagnose the problem. For some shops, invisibility is the culprit - potential customers simply can't find them through search engines (SEO woes).  Even if they do stumble upon the store, a confusing shopping experience can lead to abandoned carts and lost revenue.

  • Our team of SEO, UX, CRO specialists can untangle these complexities and unlock your Shopify store's full potential.

  • With our expertise, we streamline your Shopify store and skyrocket your sales.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for Shopify

Conversion Rate Optimisation gets you more sales.

Unlock sales growth by optimising your conversion rates. We combine Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) methods and UX design to streamline your sales process. Imagine what a 1000% increase in conversions could do for your business – that's the kind of impact we've achieved for our clients

  • We’ll analyse your CRO in detail to show you how your customers experience your website

  • Using this data, we’ll build you a new CRO strategy designed to maximise conversions and increase your revenue.

Shopify optimising for SEO

Fundamental SEO principles should apply to Shopify – unique and interesting content, an easy-to-use website, value to the user and fast-loading pages. The user experience on each page is a critical SEO factor. We’ve got the proven UX skills to ensure your web shop’s SEO is doing all it should to get you noticed.

  • We’ll carry out thorough keyword research to create your organic SEO strategy

  • We’ll optimise your website and content for search engine algorithms to drive a constant stream of traffic to your products.

Support and maintenance

We’ll work with you to support your Shopify site, helping you keep pace with changes and ensuring your customers continue to get the best possible experience.

  • We provide ongoing support, including updates and analysis

  • If you’ve got a problem with your site, we’ll be on hand to troubleshoot it.

Put CRO at the center of your Shopify strategy and watch your sales soar.  

We are CRO experts and front-end development wizards, we create seamless user experiences that drive sales for your online store.

Turn website visitors into paying customers with our Manchester-based Shopify experts. Our team combines conversion rate optimisation (CRO) specialists with talented front-end developers to craft exceptional user journeys and showcase your products in the best possible light.

FYI - the graph on the right is true sales data!

Shopify CRO
Use a CRO agency to increase Shopify conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) isn't a maybe, it's a must-have for Shopify stores.  

We combine CRO and UX expertise to turn website visitors into sales. Here's how:

Attract and Engage: We craft experiences that grab attention and keep users hooked on your products.

Frictionless Buying: Our streamlined checkout process makes buying a breeze, so customers can focus on what matters - getting your amazing products.

Put CRO at the center of your strategy and watch your sales soar.  We'll provide the expertise and support you need to turn website visits into loyal customers.

How do you increase conversions in Shopify?

Find a company or agency who can understand your marketing data and customer experience. One of the most important services to look out for is Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO. CRO uses customer experience design with analysis of marketing data. Essentially optimising both the quality of your traffic and journey of your customers. They are both symbiotic.

You can have good traffic and poor customer experience and still have problems with sales. You can have an amazing design, but if the traffic is poor they won't be relevant to the product. By using specialists in UX & CRO you will improve both the relevance of the click and the customer experience.

The results will be higher sales. 

Shopify CRO experts

Let our Manchester Shopify CRO team optimise your ecommerce website

At Higher Ground, we transform Shopify stores into effortless sales machines.  Our websites are not only stunning, they're optimized for seamless user experience across all devices.

Whether you're a startup or a seasoned corporation, Higher Ground can transform your Shopify dream into a user-friendly sales machine. Our team brings a wealth of experience in:

Shopify Development: We optimize your store for peak performance.
Website Design: We craft beautiful, engaging experiences on any device.
Launch Strategies: Seamless launch plans that get you seen.
Effective Marketing: Attract and convert customers with targeted campaigns.

Let our Conversion Rate Optimization specialists remove friction and skyrocket your sales. Book a free consultation today!

Manchester Shopify CRO team

Successful CRO and UX optimisation for leading companies

Great projects aren't just about using the best tools in the box (such as UX, CRO & amazing development). It's about great working relationships, and of course results! Here are some of our latest clients.

Turn your website into a revenue generating machine

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