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APOC STORE is the brainchild of two fashion designers based in Europe. It features a vivid collection from some of the world's best fashion and product designers. Many of the products on sale are highly stylistic and extremely marketable on social media –  some have even been featured in major fashion magazines like Wallpaper.

Our role was to increase Shopify conversions and maintain the highest level of branded web design we've worked had the privilege to work with.

APOC one up

APOC one up

APOC two up

APOC two up

Project details

We inherited this meticulously built and customized Shopify website from another design agency. Traffic was high and social media activity was excellent. However, as is all too common with such websites, 99.5% of the site’s users weren’t making a purchase.

We wanted to encourage users to shop, find and buy within two clicks.

Employing our conversion rate optimisation approach, we set out to enhance all areas of the user experience. We worked systematically,  month-on-month, to optimize the site. We began with the homepage, followed by subsequent templates, collections, product pages, search results, basket, and checkout steps. The site already had an established and striking visual language, so preserving this also presented challenges. On occasion and out of necessity, function led form.

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Results & Feedback

This was a challenging but immensely rewarding project. I have never worked on a website with such stylistic grid designs. It was extremely satisfying to see our efforts produce positive results.

To complete the categorisation task we used Shopify collections. Some collections such as fashion, art, shoes and hats already existed. We added the remaining collections to the site and then created a set of rules that would display subcategories under certain conditions. To do this, I had to hard-code these new rules into the website’s template.

It was then a case of us working on the navigation system to ensure users could access these new categories easily and logically.

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