Jack Badger

UX/UI & Development


Using a dynamic grid layout and using concepts such as golden ratios, we planned, designed and built a stunning CMS website for one of the Peak District’s success story firms.

Jack Badger - 2up

Jack Badger - 2up

Jack Badger - One up

Jack Badger - One up

Project details

Creating and launching a unique and stylish CMS driven brochureware website for one of Derbyshire's finest manufacturing companies will always challenge how a website should be made. This project was worth the effort. Or as Ben Naylor MD put it “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”.

Due to the high levels of craftsmanship involved with Jack Badgers products we wanted the design to compliment their photography and not cramp it. The Golden Ratio came into discussion that served as a handy metaphor for craftsmanship and provided a cool way of displaying varying photographic ratios on a grid. To make matters more interesting, Jack Badger wanted this grid to be flexible, capable of holding 3,5,7,8,9,12+ photographs and flex accordingly and still be visible on mobile.

Finally these layout complexities were built into a CMS which is customisable per category and controlled by the client without the need to access the codebase. Neat, effective and tightly produced. Excellent CSS was essential.

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Results & Feedback

“The feedback from our new website has been excellent. Higher Ground did a great job!”

Ben Naylor / Managing Director

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