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Enhance your website or app from a UX and CRO perspective with a CRO audit

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Let us audit your website and marketing to assess and improve your conversion rates

An effective UX audit targets issues and user pain points to ultimately create an easier and more seamless user journey. This process helps to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and conversion.

We use specific methods, tools, and metrics to analyse why your product isn’t giving you the results you’re hoping for. 

We design for higher website conversion rates

Higher Ground finds cost-effective ways to increase your conversion rates by making improvements to your website, making recommendations to optimise your website traffic so visitors are more likely to convert.

We can help you make the most from your existing site traffic and/or focus on attracting and influencing new customers.

Even with the most appealing product or service on the market, problems with your website structure, content and layout will result in poor conversion rates. Let us audit your Conversion Rates.

Our CRO services

We specialise in designing highly effective Ecommerce sales funnels

We investigate at which stages users are failing to engage. What is making some people convert and others not? What tasks are your users struggling with?

‍We will highlight cart and user abandonment across all stages of the user journey. Plus offer expert advice recommending how to improve the user journey and increase conversions. We’ll install tags and heatmap software to help gather data.

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Marketing data analysis

Here we investigate all your marketing data and hold meetings to gain insights into your business and historical marketing methods. We investigate Google Analytics data and identify which channels people are not converting from.

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User experience analysis

You will discover the poorest performing channels and why this might be happening. We will make recommendations to help you make quick improvements focussing on the low hanging fruit and maximise opportunities without any design or development required.

Our UXers take all the data from the previous steps and study website usability. We’ll investigate Mobile vs Desktop use, the main campaign landing or product/service pages and identify how to make these convert more users.

Our report will highlight issues with accessibility, content hierarchy, page engagement, content strategy and discover weak points of the user journey. We will provide wireframes to indicate how to improve the UI and increase conversions

Our UX services

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What kind of CRO Audit do we offer?

Conversion Rate Optimisation for Lead Generation

Increasing your conversion rates usually translates as increased leads. Higher Ground are a Conversion Rate Optimisation agency - a key part of our work is measuring leads against your business success, not arbitrary metrics that don't affect your bottom line.

Our typical CRO services are:

  • Studies of website usage from Analytics
  • Identifying problem traffic channels
  • Identifying problem pages and form drop offs
  • Rapidly designing new landing pages for better interaction
  • Recommending methods for better audience marketing
  • Setting up A/B testing
  • Performing user testing for conversions
  • Installing Gtags and analysis tools (ClickTale, Crazy Egg etc and report on user flow)
Conversion Rate Optimisation for SEO

Organic SEO can often mean lots of content. We can help you increase leads from organic search pages. It's been a long road and a lot of hard work to get the visitors, don't waste any chance to convert them. This type of CRO work often involves restructuring some pages but can boost your sales with a few minor adjustments.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation for PPC

By structuring and managing Pay Per Click campaigns correctly, we can optimise how convert more visitors into enquiries, sales or relevant business goals.

Our User Experience team can help you create custom user journeys to increases relevancy and boosts conversions.

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Hire our expert Conversion Rate Optimisation team to increase interaction and drive more sales

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