UX testing and experimentation

Improve your website or digital platform by testing new ideas

We’ll turn user research into successful design and development results

Learn from people using your digital product and build new campaigns that don't ‘interfere’ with other aspects of your digital platform or website. From heat-mapping to 'first click' tests, website surveys to screen recordings, we can help uncover issues with your website or app using a wide range of testing and experimentation services.

Our UX testing services

Keep improving your website or application using user testing and experimentation

User testing & surveys

Our user testing services can help you learn more about your target audiences and make continuous improvements to your website or application.

Websites are constantly changing business platforms. Learning about how your users perceive your business online is key to helping you learn and improve. We can design bespoke testing methods to capture key information and use it to help design better User Experience's (UX) based on what your customers need to achieve.

  • Learn from people using your website or software platform

  • Set up a design system to help development production run much faster.

A/B testing to increase conversion rates

The only real way to learn what works for your users is to experiment with new approaches. Customising user journeys is arguably one of the most important elements in target marketing. A custom landing page free’s businesses from the constraints of a tightly locked down home page or strict SEO content guidelines.

Using A/B testing you can take this concept even further by experimenting with layouts and conversion points. Let our landing page designers create a new landing page.

  • Market specific landing pages for targeted campaigns

  • Saves costly redesigns by testing new page layouts

  • Keep improving by testing new strategies

  • Use experts in CRO to make campaign pages

User testing to improve user journeys

As time moves on and more competitors move into your market, some of your once-loyal and engaged client groups will start to look elsewhere. If you have noticed a drop-off in levels of engagement recently, then your branding probably needs an overhaul. ‘The goal of user experience design is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.’

  • Market specific landing pages for targeted campaigns

  • Saves costly redesigns by testing new page layouts

Testing new digital marketing ideas

Every business strives to improve so it can generate more sales and provide a better customer service, or rebrand in order to keep up with moving times.

The more we know about your intended audience, the better we can support you to target the right people with the most appropriate marketing strategy. Successful businesses prioritise continuous improvement; from increasing sales and better serving customers; to rebranding as their business, competition and market evolves.

  • Targeted Search Engine Marketing to attract the right customers to your business

  • Let our experts create a user journey that is clear and defined from the start of the user experience

Website CRO and UX Audits

Traffic is good. But if you’re not generating business from it, there is something to fix.If your website has 5,000 monthly users, and converts 1% of them, a single point increase in your conversion rate would bring in 100% more paying customers every month. Boosting your conversion rate means more revenue from your website visits, lower customer acquisition costs, and increased sales.

Contact Higher Ground today and let us audit your user experience (UX), your conversion rates. or just your website in general. We're happy to offer any help we can.

  • Make improvements based on insights and research by our team

  • Quickly identify issues you may have missed that can help interaction

Prototyping ideas

Prototyping plays a crucial role in the proof of concept (POC) process by providing a tangible and visual representation of the proposed idea or product. We can show you how prototyping contributes to the success of a proof of concept.

With prototyping you can decide how everything should work without letting constraints of current platforms hinder ideas. We can test rough ideas early to help you avoid making design decisions later, which can be expensive to fix and  involve a range of stakeholders in the process.

  • Producing prototypes to test and validate assumptions with targeted users

  • Quickly identify issues you may have missed that can help interaction

Why use UX testing?

User testing can help you make constant improvements

Website user testing is a crucial and insightful process that can significantly enhance the overall user experience and functionality of a website. By engaging real users to interact with the site, designers and developers can identify potential usability issues, gather valuable feedback, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

User testing also provides an opportunity to detect navigation challenges, uncover design flaws, and assess the effectiveness of calls to action. In essence, website user testing serves as a vital tool in refining and optimising digital platforms to meet the needs and preferences of the target audience.

Successful CRO and UX optimisation for leading companies

Great projects aren't just about using the best tools in the box (such as UX, CRO & amazing development). It's about great working relationships, and of course results! Here are some of our latest clients.

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