Experimentation & testing

Use experimentation and testing to keep improving your website or digital platform.

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Use Higher Ground UX agency to learn more about your target audiences.

Testing & experimentation helps you trial new ideas, learn from people using your digital product and build new campaigns that don't ‘interfere’ with other aspects of your digital platform or website. Higher Ground uses numerous methods to test ideas, learn from users and make improvements.

There are several benefits with testing & experimentation compared with designing a whole interface from scratch

  • Helps you learn from people using your platform
  • Identify issues you may have missed
  • Saves costly redesigns by testing new pages and theories
  • Helps you market to new audiences to promote your product or services

User testing & surveys

Use Higher Ground UX agency to learn more about your target audiences. Our user testing experts can show you how to get immediate insights from your targeted users and keep improving what you're already doing.

We've been making websites for over 24 years. They are constantly changing business platforms. Learning about how your users perceive your business online is key to helping you learn and improve. We can create bespoke surveys on your website to capture key information. Then use this information to design better user journeys based on what your customers need to acheive.

Landing page creation & A/B testing

One of the best ways to test a new design or marketing strategy is to use landing pages. Customising user journeys is arguably one of the most important elements in target marketing. A custom landing page free’s businesses from the constraints of a tightly locked down home page or strict SEO content guideline. Using A/B testing you can take this concept even further by experimenting with layouts, positioning, button names and conversion points.

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Enhancing user journeys

As time moves on and more competitors move into your market, some of your once-loyal and engaged client groups will start to look elsewhere. If you have noticed a drop-off in levels of engagement recently, then your branding probably needs an overhaul.

 ‘The goal of user experience design is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.’ We can help.

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Marketing to new audiences

The more we know about your intended audience, the better we can support you to target the right people.with the most appropriate marketing strategy. Use our expertise to help you generate better leads or sales from Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Developing new features

Let our development team build a new component such as a new checkout process, custom landing pages, bespoke forms or even a totally new website build. 

We also offer a team of React and Javascript developers to build custom platforms and SaaS systems. Get in touch with Higher Ground to find out more about this bespoke service.

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