Digital marketing optimisation

Generate more business and higher returns using Digital Marketing

Target your ideal online customers to generate more business, using CRO & UX.

With Search Engine Marketing Services from Higher Ground you can gain a constant flow of targeted visitors interested in your products or services. Aligning marketing efforts with business objectives, reaching target audiences, building brand visibility, optimising costs, making data-driven decisions, and staying competitive.

Digital Marketing optimisation

Let us audit & investigate your current website marketing strategy

What's included?

Think of a digital marketing strategy like your guide to success in the online world. It's how you connect your marketing plans with what your business wants to achieve, find the people who really matter to you, make your brand more visible, save money where you can, make smart decisions based on data, and keep up with the fast-paced digital world so you can stand out from the crowd.

What we do

  • Use our CRO audits to identify areas to improve and drive more business

  • Expert audits to guide your strategy and improve conversion

Short term and long term strategies

Use our target audience and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) workshops to gain expert knowledge and understand what is really happening.
We review all your current website data from Google analytics, Webmaster tools and any other available data to help us formulate a clear picture of your situation.

The more we understand about your business the better we can establish a footfall of visitors who are most likely to buy your products or services. We’ll research keywords, traffic volumes, levels of competition and then formulate an approach to get your business in front.

What we do

  • Sales strategy and marketing recommendations

  • Technical audit to identify problems with performance conversions

Paid or organic, we'll show you the way

Our experts have over 18 years experience in SEO & PPC, working with companies of all sizes and sectors, spending from £500/week to £10000/day. We have a bespoke and focused approach backed by seamless coordination and detailed reporting, supporting you to achieve more from your SEM campaigns and ensuring your customers meet their goals.

What we do

  • Devise effective, leading strategies that grow targeted traffic and business revenue.

  • Utilise both types of search engine marketing to achieve best results

Devising a lasting strategy

As a CRO agency, we love data and the tools that help us gather it. Let us analyse your website and make recommendations to get more from your visitors. Once we establish a set of marketing strategies, we will set them in motion, continuously learning from all traffic channels as we go. Fine tuning, incorporating new opportunities, optimising your ROI and accelerating business growth from insights gathered.

Successful CRO and UX optimisation for leading companies

Great projects aren't just about using the best tools in the box (such as UX, CRO & amazing development). It's about great working relationships, and of course results! Here are some of our latest clients.

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