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UX is all about creating the best user experience for your digital project

We research, plan, design and develop websites, mobile and tablet applications around the needs of the user.

Our user experience team will ensure your customers turn into more business and your digital projects work effortlessly.

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Looking for a UX consultant to help with your project?

We can provide on-demand UX consulting to help with prototyping ideas, customer journey mapping, user testing workshops, holding remote design sprints or rapidly creating new design solutions.

We can fit into your current design and development team and provide effective UX consulting wherever needed.

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UX agency Higher Ground

"Higher Ground helped us increase our leads tenfold. Great team to work with, really helpful, transparent and approachable. Highly recommended."

We've optimised conversion rates and UX for

We design experiences to make super-useful websites and apps

Our Manchester User Experience team have been working on some massive global projects from JCB to Lottery New Zealand. We've been out and about learning the most effective digital production methods through great UX.

Our approach ensures visits turn into goals. This could mean more better page experience design, more leads, or easier interaction. It all starts with understanding your business.

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UX agency Higher Ground

We also apply UX for conversion rate optimisation

User experience and marketing go hand in hand.

Any campaign should be designed to convert visitors into enquiries, sales or relevant action to measure success. This is where a Conversion Rate Optimisation agency specialist comes in.

We also research and test your users to gain maximum amount of knowledge and feedback from them. Helping you improve your approach continuously.

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UX consulting

Our typical UX design approach

Planning and research

Understand who your customers are and what they need to achieve

Design a great customer journey

Create rapid prototypes and create a useful customer journeys for maximum effect

Improve strategy

Design and launch projects from scratch. Or consult your existing teams

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What kind of UX solutions do we offer?

Website UX & page experience

A great ‘page experience’ in our opinion is made up of two parts. A great User Experience design and a well technically optimised build - so there are no page loading or security issues. 

A poor page experience usually results in people leaving quickly and your page flags in Analytics as a high bounce or exit rate. Sometimes users leave even before the page has loaded!

Learn more here - or talk our team of UX designers to enhance your Page Experience.

User research & testing

We create and fine tune user personas to identify how people use your website or applications and the top tasks they need to achieve.

Our Manchester-based user testing team can show you how to get immediate insights from your targeted users and keep improving what you're already doing.

Many companies wrongly assume user testing is a costly exercise. In fact, you can get extremely valuable insights from very little outlay.

Prototyping to quickly solve the problem

We always prioritise production time to research and strategy, whilst keeping your business needs at the forefront of the decision making process.

We offer high-value, low-cost workshops to help brands achieve better results online using conversion rate optimisation, UX, great copy and great design.

Conversion rate optimisation

If you need more people calling your office telephone, filling in contact forms, downloading a brochure, signing up for newsletters, buying products - our Conversion Rate Optimisation team will help.

Website analysis to improve interaction

Lowering your bounce rate increases your business. Learning how to lower it could your best business decision in 2020.

How would reducing your bounce rate by 40% affect your bottom line? Do you know which are your worst performing pages?

Our team can quickly analyse your website and give insights into making improvements.

Successful results that speak for themselves

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