Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Audits
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CRO is all about driving more revenue. If you haven't undertaken any Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) work before, you first should start with an audit.

As with most CRO audits, the more you invest in the audit, the better the insights will be. The types of CRO analysis we usually apply are;

  • Audience Analysis
  • Brand Awareness Analysis
  • Behavior & Top task Analysis
  • User/Cart Abandonment Analysis
  • UX/UI insights & Interaction Review
  • Heatmaps Plus Screen Recording Analysis

Audience Analysis & Brand Awareness Analysis

Here we investigate all your marketing data and hold meetings to gain insights into your business and historical marketing methods. We investigate Google Analytics data and identify which channels people are not converting from.

You will discover poorest performing channels and why this might be happening. We will make recommendations to help you make quick improvements focussing on the low hanging fruit and maximise opportunities without any design or development required.

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Behavior & Top task Analysis and User/Cart Abandonment Analysis

We investigate at which stages users are failing to engage. What is making some people convert and others not? What tasks are your users struggling with?

We will highlight cart and user abandonment across all stages of the user journey. Plus offer expert advice recommending how to improve the user journey and increase conversions. We’ll install tags and heatmap software to help gather data.

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UX/UI Insights, Heatmaps & Screen Recording Analysis

Our UXers take all the data from the previous steps and study website usability. We’ll investigate Mobile vs Desktop use, the main campaign landing or product/service pages and identify how to make these convert more users.

Our report will highlight issues with accessibility, content hierarchy, page engagement, content strategy and discover weak points of the user journey. We will provide wireframes to indicate how to improve the UI and increase conversions.

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Continuous optimisation, user testing and prototyping

Calling upon our experience with brands such as Think Money, New Zealand Lottery and JCB, our team will devise new effective methods to convert more users from a range of user journeys. 

We will perform user testing sessions and provide wireframes to continuously identify usability issues to increase conversions/sales. We will provide monthly reports into effectiveness and ensure your brand is well set to increase Return On Investment across all channels.

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