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Why should you use pay per click advertising?

Drive quality traffic to your website and generate valuable business leads with Pay Per Click advertising. Increase website visits and enquiries from your desired markets.

Written by

Robert Hufton

Director & UX Consultant

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising enables website owners generate more website visits and more business enquiries from specific target markets.

Why should you be using pay per click advertising?

  • Provide a constant footfall to people interested in your product or service
  • Generate immediate visits to your website
  • Increase exposure to launch a new site or campaign
  • Target audiences in specific locations, by demographics, time of day or day of week
  • Measure ROI easily and get immediate feedback from your targeted customers
  • Test new sales ideas, locations and products you want to market

Plain speaking, this means if you only sell women’s red shoes, you spend on PPC for the keyword "women’s red shoes". If you want to sell women's blue shoes, you can.

Here's Google's introduction to Adwords

What do I need to consider before investing in PPC?

Ideally you need to identify your best products or service offerings are (and how to measure them) before starting a PPC campaign. Otherwise it makes it hard to measure ROI and manage budgets wisely.

Reinforce not replace

Treating PPC simply as a siloed method of guaranteeing website traffic is risky.

A PPC campaign should form as an ongoing part of your business strategy and online engagement plan.

You should see PPC as one element of your online strategy, and before you invest you need to make sure every step of the acquisition funnel is working well.

Define failure

Everyone makes mistakes, and one of the most common mistakes with PPC is not being clear on when things aren’t going in the right direction and to pull the plug.

A poorly configured campaign will waste time and more importantly your money.

You can’t rely on automated tools to define success (and more importantly failure) - Google will not tell you when to stop spending!

Define success… but be open to opportunity

Equally you need to know when:

  • To lower expectations if the market isn’t reacting as predicted
  • To be happy to be within a range of expected results
  • To increase spending and take advantage of spikes in affordable traffic if things are going right

Ultimately your return on investment is king

But as with any investment if the returns are fantastic you need to be able to react fast and make the most of it.

Always apply caution before jumping in

Companies will twice as likely avoid a loss as go for a gain. We agree, this is where UX comes in. Before starting any PPC campaign we research and plan before.

It’s important that you have the right partner for this. You need a company who has tried and tested countless campaigns and someone who actually cares about your ROI.

What makes a successful PPC campaign?

  • With PPC you get direct feedback from your targeted customers
  • Start small and increase incrementally
  • You can learn who you customers are and shape your business model around them
  • You can integrate into your sales funnel for greater transparency
  • Measure success by establishing a reasonable Return On Investment

Before investing ppc you need to define success.

This is where UX comes in. The more we know about your business early on the better. Our User Experience team investigate analyse your approach and your goals. Many agencies won't tell you when you campaign isn't working. It’s the success of your campaign that drives us on.

We'll take these steps to get direct feedback and shape our decisions. We’ll engage with you all the way so you feel confident in the direction we take.

How much online marketing budget do I need?

With PPC each click costs money. Keywords are measured in clicks. We ensure each click has a value and measure click by goals.

  • Geographic location
  • Time of day
  • We scale your spend based on the success of the goals

Who shall I use to set up PPC for me?

There is more to PPC than just adding keywords to the campaign and spending money. We have seen countless campaigns run by other companies where success is never measured and accountability goes out of the window. For us, this is bad practise and certainly contributes to failure in the form of spending money with zero return.

We are Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) specialists

Higher Ground are Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) specialists. By targeting your companies best KPI revenue areas, the next step is to devise a plan which convert visitors into enquiries, sales or relevant action to match your KPIs. We use the best CRM tools to help you nurture leads. But most importantly we create a landing experience which conveys your offerings specifically. This increases relevancy dramatically and boosts conversions.

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