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Analyse and process data from your website to report on effectiveness. Then make it better.

Analyse and process data from your website to report on effectiveness

For any online strategy to succeed you need to understand what your users want, then analyse data (we call it metrics) to discover what’s actually going on.

If we could increase your conversion rates by 7.2%  what would that look like for your ROI?

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Why do we analyse website data?

We gather key metrics data information such as; user interaction, marketing spend, keyword data and lead types to name a few. All this is valuable feedback that helps toward creating an effective online strategy.

When we understand the data, we can implement it to improving user experience and maximise user interaction.

What website data do we analyse?

By using data provided by specialist software such as Analytics, ClickTale, HotJar, Optimizely and CrazyEgg we can identify how users interact and devise improved strategies. These will make your customer journey better and improve your overall strategic approach.

Get accurate reports for sales teams

We not only give a historical overview, we also provide ongoing reporting, work with you establish KPIs, find the weak links in your sales funnel, suggest a course of action and help remedy if appropriate.

Keep your sales teams busy and let us do the leg work by knowing what your customers want and are doing on your website with our expert User Experience website analysis service.

We use latest tools to build a profile and measure success

Driving results for great brands


More users per month JCB Global


More freight bookings Couriers & Freight


Visitor to lead conversion rates Think Money


Visits from benchmark keywords JCB

Online marketing

Research and experience to make online advertising succeed

Pre-qualified visits
Generate a footfall of visitors wanting to use your services.
User research
We research that users are doing on your website and where they are online.
Conversion rate optimisation
Increase online enquiries and connect to more customers.
Lead nurturing
We use the latest tools to ensure every lead is important.
"For us, it all starts with data and understanding your business. We use the latest insights and research tools to get your projects off the ground. This means your strategy is based on facts - not opinion."
Simon Fuller - Technical consultant

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