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Making your website and marketing message be more about people than services is a brilliant way to present yourself as a major UK business. We designed wireframes and final website designs for a major UK infrastructure service operator The Clancy Group. All delivered on budget and on schedule.

Services used

6 weeks

From discovery to launch

UX design

Research & Workshops


In Wordpress

Our approach

Founded in 1958, Clancy is one of the largest privately owned construction firms in the UK. They approached Higher Ground with a vision to overhaul their existing website, which was in need of a refresh, and design a new digital interface which clearly represents their current values as a modern, agile and effective organisation. 

We provided:

- Workshops and planning
- Information architecture / site map
- Functionality planning
- Wire-framing and prototypes
- UI design

The challenge

To hit Clancy’s target to launch a new website in 4 months, tight deadline planning and smart, lean design processes were key to this project being a success for all involved. Existing imagery wasn't suitable or currently representative so an external photography team was commissioned to provide high quality images that showcased a full range of project capabilities and that clearly presented the company’s working ethos.

We designed the pages to ensure a great balance between impressive visual impact and meaningful messaging. Also, to convey the level of service Clancy offers to a wide client base presented many challenges.

Key deliverables

We set about designing a set of wireframes for core areas of the website: Home, Services, Case Studies, and About Us. These were all designed mobile first, but with high importance placed on full wide desktop views.

We used large images detailing scale, complexity and quality of projects completed to communicate the company’s capabilities and clear, punchy excerpts of mission statements to best represent the human ethos of the business, creating a family feel to their workforce. 

We also used strong KPIs and meaningful case studies to walk potential customers through core elements of the impact Clancy has made on specific, significant and highly successful projects. 


All website templates were handed over to Clancy’s development team within agreed, short deadlines and to acclaim. I’m sure you’ll agree the new website looks fantastic; achieves all desired capabilities and leads everyone who looks at it to believe that they would be in safe, caring and very capable hands if they placed their trust in Clancy to deliver.

One potential client was so impressed on launch night, they arranged to meet with Clancy representatives to discuss a large, upcoming construction project.


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