User Centred Design

User Centred Design is a design approach where designers and stakeholders plan, research and design stages that ensure any digital project is tailored to suit the needs of the user. The result is a project created to succeed and be easily measured.

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Why we use User Centered Design

Any website, mobile or system application and online marketing campaigns will always need some level of User Centred Design. The term translates to - you design for the user(s) using the product your designing.

By designing to meet the needs of the user, digital platforms operate better, become more useful, increase business, increase chances of people enjoying the experience and should be fully scalable to future proof the project.

Key steps for User Centered Design

There a many approaches to UCD. Typcailly we use their approach into these key stages:

Product Research

Using competitor analysis, data analysis and market feedback to create things that your user will love.

User analysis

Learning what makes your users tick by creating personas, user stories and user journeys.


Building the ideal journey by through feature definition, rapid prototyping then and wireframes.


We’ll create accessible content that fits your users’ needs and your brand guidelines.


Using the best design techniques to meet your site’s needs. Including visual language, responsive design and mobile design.


Whatever you need to develop, we can do it. From building platforms to validation, beta testing and bug fixing.


And when you’re ready to release, we’ll A/B test your product and analyse the data for future releases. From there, it’s just iterate, iterate, iterate.

Where can User Centered Design be applied?

If you have any website, mobile application, system application, SaaS project, marketing campaign, communication system needs some levels of UCD to make their project perform more effectively.

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What results can you achieve from User Centered Design?

If you are planning an app or website, we can choose what aspect of User Centered Design is suited to your operation. Not all businesses have the luxury of following every step in the process. Each phase of our approach is designed to help your business whether you need more traffic, more leads, more sales or less time wasters.

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