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Supersoil, a budding e-commerce business specialising in Organic Fertiliser, was struggling to make their business profitable online. Despite attracting a significant volume of visitors (over 40,000 per month!), their conversion rate languished at a meager 0.5%. This meant that only a tiny fraction of visitors were translating into actual sales, leaving Supersoil with a field of untapped potential.

supersoil one up

supersoil one up

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That's where Higher Ground's e-commerce experts swooped in, ready to transform Supersoil's digital landscape. Combining their expertise in landing page optimisation, website conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and meticulous management of Facebook and Google Ads, Higher Ground set about nurturing Supersoil's online presence.

The results were nothing short of phenomenal. Within a mere three months, Higher Ground had cultivated a staggering 7x return on ad spend (ROAS) for Supersoil. But the growth story doesn't end there. Conversion rates increased to 2.8%, a significant improvement that directly translated into more sales. Supersoil's monthly revenue skyrocketed from a modest £11,000 to a staggering £150,000, a testament to the power of Higher Ground's strategic approach.

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Results & Feedback

"We used Rob and Higher Ground to help us generate more sales through our website. He carefully talked us through setting AdWords for more specific targeting which helped our ROI. Rob also helped us with the user journey on our website pointing out several issues which we corrected to see immediate results.Our overall experience with Higher Ground has been fantastic seeing our conversion rates increase due to their suggested changes and excellent communication throughout. I would highly recommend." Anna Wilson / SUPERSOIL

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