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Nuori sales come from a mixture of department store placements and ecommerce shops around the world. Their Shopify template was stylish in branding but lacked strong user engagement and conversion rate optimisation methodologies.

They hired Higher Ground as CRO specialists to investigate sales data and make recommendations to improve the site and increase conversion rates.

Services used

Client Feedback

"Had a fantastic experience working with the Higher Ground team. They helped us create the website strategy for CRO and generally increased our traffic and conversion rate."

Collaboration & Design Solutions

We kicked off the project with intensive client meetings to ensure all marketing data was clearly understood and touchpoints of the website identified. This enabled our team to document core user journeys ready for us to make recommendations which are targeted at lifting conversion rates and more user engagement with the sales funnel.

As always, collaboration with the client was crucial. Our role was to convey all ideas to key stakeholders, then relay all design requirements to development teams for implementation.

The Outcomes

We set to work by devising new engagement strategies, promoting high value content, finding better ways to sell their product with an easy to use interface that would ensure simple wayfinding and helpful sales funnels.

All this was undertaken with a mixture of stakeholder workshops and rapid prototyping. The new designs helped users move around key content easier, find products and other products of interest, learn about how Nuori make their amazing quality skincare and keep in touch by signing up for monthly updates.If you’re thinking about your next e-commerce website or need help with an existing shop and check out process, please get in touch with our team today. 

We can help you make an impact through UX Design & Conversion Rate Optimisation

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