Immotion VR

400% increase in sales through the website

Using a combination of intelligent search engine marketing & UX design we are able to take Immotion VR into new levels for converting visits into revenue.

The Brief

ImmotionVR experiences are like no other. Groups of people can safely enjoy amazing cutting-edge VR experiences in high footfall areas of the UK. Their website and marketing strategy had to engage young and old audiences and attract them to buy in as few steps as possible. Other brands are also dominating the search engine space, competing against the likes of Virgin Experience days. CRO was paramount!

Immotion VR

Services delivered

Immotion VR


Immotion VR are world leaders in immersive VR experiences and entertainment.  Their highly successful website was already built but they needed more from their strategy. We received their enquiry after they found us on Google, searching for an innovative CRO agency. After presenting our approach we were commissioned to enhance their website user experience and optimise their marketing impact.

Immotion VR

We devised a stylishly crafted website, including lots of content with around 50 games listed. Our UX design led to super-simple way-finding and an intuitive 3 step ticket purchasing system which fed into a nationwide sales CRM so different stores can analyse and optimise performance campaigns. We used insights from sales teams to enhance their PPC account which exceeded a 400% increase in ticket sales in our first two months of Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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