UX Design for Web & Mobile, CRO

IAE Global

To develop a content rich website to be deployed internationally, showcasing universities and attracting more recruits from countries including the UK, Canada, Japan and Australia.

The Brief

A deceptively complex brief with a range of factors to consider, design and develop for; including a wide range of language users, significant cultural differences, multiple course options, and varying search criteria for type of institution, destination and level of qualification.

IAE Global


IAE Global is a recruitment company that supports students in their search for universities and course application processes around the world. The digital journey also provides reviews of campus location, residential areas, social and lifestyle opportunities.

IAE Global

IAE Global

• Discovery & research

• Wireframing & prototyping

UX design

Conversion Rate Optimisation

• Website CRM development


• Website framework redesign

• High quality application design

• Content rich SEO keyword ranking

• Visual treatment of landing pages

• Event calendars and lifestyle blog

 • Supportive leading edge CRM system

With Rob and the team, “we have designed and developed our own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, a leading edge and powerful IT platform that our EPs use to support and service our students continuously. It also enables our EPs to offer them information about educational institutions, career opportunities and carefully planned study pathways tailored to their interests and abilities… This enables us to connect students from China, India, Japan, Korea and other key markets around the world with top-tier educational institutions in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other major destination countries.” “IAE Global has now become an industry leader in scale, global reach, quality and reputation.” Mark Lucas, Director of IAE Global


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