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Couriers & Freight

Couriers & Freight came to Higher Ground with an extremely complex set of digital design requirements and challenges.

We designed an entire international freight booking application and website for Couriers & Freight, establishing an effective path for high conversions through UX design and CRO.

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Client Feedback

"Higher Ground have been working with us for over two years. They lead the way in helping us create a powerful freight booking application plus a whole suite of digital platforms and websites we are using commercially. "

Robert Lynch

Couriers & Freight

Project details

The first task was to utilise the elements of a previously designed freight management platform, which needed an entirely new SaaS platform from scratch using React JS framework.

The second task was to design and build a freight booking website for sending local, national, and international shipments by car, truck, boat or plane. The Couriers & Freight website needed to be highly functional but also to have a high conversion rate.

We conducted discovery UX workshops with the Couriers & Freight team to quickly identify the foundations and direction of their 5 year digital plan. From these workshops, we devised a project timeline splitting the project into milestones and agreeing with all stakeholders which modules are tackled at each milestone.


All wireframes & final template designs were presented weekly to off-shore development teams with several rounds of design proofing to ensure the build matched designs.  

As each module was designed, we had requirement to quickly roll out the front end elements to the website. Ensuring Couriers & Freight can sell their product effectively in a rapidly moving market.

We emphasised on maximising design spaces to suit each particular user audience and device using simple design features, but complex backend operations. Believe me, sending a box of batteries from one country to another carries many challenges. Both the website and the booking application needed to facilitate these complexities as easily as possible and reduce errors for courier services around the world.

Website & Outcomes

As a CRO agency, we are extremely pleased to see our efforts on a freight website now launched into the market and being used to book thousands of shipments per month. Due to the conversion rate optimisation strategy we applied, Couriers & Freight are constantly growing, adding more international routes and more bookings for their customers.


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