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Centrally Managed

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The client approached Higher Ground, experienced UX Design and SEO specialists, to guide them through a business critical process; possessing no pre-existing digital brand, identity, content or presence.

The Brief

To develop their brand identity and deliver a new digital experience that resonated with congruent professional client bases; clearly and effectively representing all Avanti products and specialist service offers within high impact landing pages.

Avanti partners, Centrally Managed, offer specialised products, maintenance, support and configuration services across the global IT Industry.

Centrally Managed

All meetings and information flow was conducted online through rapid discovery workshops which encouraged the speedy flow of ideas.

Centrally Managed

Design & Outcomes

Dividing the site into sections with each area requiring rapid discovery workshops whilst mapping all of the touch-points. Following on with sketching prototypes to encourage ideas and basic wireframe prototypes were presented, reviewed and approved. This rapid modular approach allowed the design to grow, and specific areas of the site to evolve efficiently and with pace.

Centrally Managed

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