Case study:

My Lotto

A total overhaul of National Lottery website and android app.

  • Mobile gaming experience & lottery draw experience design
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet framework design
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Prototyping and wireframe design
  • Onsite delivery and senior stakeholder management
New Zealand Lotto

Tackling the My Lotto was no mean feat. This responsive gaming website required strong UX methodologies. Limits in place on budget and time, challenged research capabilities leading to a more rapid, modular approach, using the clients knowledge to aid in the delivery of the project.

Initial customer journey mapping workshops and stakeholder sessions came first. Deciding on a tear structure with 1 up, 2-up, 3-up to 4-up layouts. Rows were interchangeable according to the time of day/draw to promote certain types of content at various times of day. All controlled through the CMS.

Dividing the site into sections with each area requiring rapid discovery workshops whilst mapping all of the touch-points. Following on with sketching prototypes to encourage ideas and basic wireframe prototypes were presented, reviewed and approved. This rapid modular approach allowed the design to grow, and specific areas of the site to evolve efficiently and with pace.

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