Case study:


A brilliant and long-serving engagement with the largest manufacturing company in the UK creating their website and corporate applications.

  • Website design for JCB UK
  • Website design for JCB CEA
  • Tablet application for dealer standards
  • Pay Per Click and SEO advertising

JCB Worldwide

Increased sales funnel and lead generation from website visitors

Our team designed the entire JCB global website. We consulted on their global digital marketing strategy and designed a suite of corporate iPad applications.

What we did:


600% increase in online enquiries 50% increase in search traffic

A continuation of a lengthy working relationship with JCB. Higher Ground consulted on their website strategy and delivered a suite of dealership websites including JCB CEA.

What we did:

Our approach to the JCB website design

The JCB website redesign was a complex digital project that demonstrated our ability to deliver under pressure and under tight budget. It required tight collaboration between many stakeholders operating as a single team to bridge different technologies, and keep the brand standards and enhanced customer experience at the heart of the project.

Our task

Higher Ground was engaged to refresh the global digital brand experience for JCB whilst also creating a responsive framework and enhanced sales enquiry mechanism to empower JCB to increase sales potential from their suite of global website. The main UK was to provide a template design used in over 16 countries and receiving over 600,000 visits per month from search.

The challenge

No easy task, the JCB digital evolution required the consolidation of more than 500 existing products and a host of systemic integration between a range of legacy platforms. This required a whole new IA, new responsive brand styles and universal interaction designs, all components were then applied to a SiteCore, component–based CMS.

The result

The result was an audience-centric experience created around showcasing the huge JCB machine range and underpinned by the core design principles of simplicity, clear hierarchy, and strong signposting.

We developed a ‘layered’ based design system to ensure the right content was surfaced to the right user at the right time. This system gave us flexibility, and the ability to tailor contextually relevant messaging and components to specific devices and viewports. Wherever possible pages made use of base components and content types to help project consistent and familiar interaction patterns between across the site.

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