4 minutes

At Manchester user experience agency Higher Ground, we’ve been looking into the top 5 things you should be focusing on for SEO this year.

7 min

Everyone wants more traffic to their website - so let’s look at the characteristics of both SEO and PPC solutions.

5 min

It's a question we get asked all the time. As a conversion rate optimisation agency based here in Manchester, we offer you some helpful tips to help you convert more users and lower your bounce rate.

Pay Per Click advertising helps you generate more website visits and more business enquiries from your target markets.

— 4 min read

Crazy 8’s is a design sprint workshop concept introduced by Google as a method to get rapid ideas from a team of decision makers within an organisation.

— 7 min read

So you’ve launched your website. It looks good, reads well, and works as it should. But you’re still not getting the sort of leads you want from the search engines, why?

— 5 min read

User Experience really does what it says on the tin. Like Ronseal. Stating the obvious, it’s how people use and perceive your product or business.

— 7 min read

The term Conversion Rate Optimisation applies to any approach to optimising how users of a website, landing page or online marketing campaign convert into an action.

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